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How to Write for Distracted Internet Readers

All about writing content in a way that will catch and keep your reader’s attention (and the Google robots, too!) in the midst of our distracted, content-saturated worlds.

Keys to Outsourcing Your Copy Without Losing Your Voice

This one’s all about style guides: creating a living document for your business that communicates your values and voice so that when your team takes over content writing (or even customer service emails!), nobody’s crying impastor.

The Shonda Rhimes Secret to Write Literally Anything...FAST

Backstory: Once upon a pre-Momlife time, I was an intern in the writers rooms for Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. And you know what I learned there that has made ALL the difference in my content writing life? EVEN Shonda Rhimes uses a pre-set template...every single time! Remembering this inspired me to create my own plug-and-play formula for literally ANY piece of marketing content—and I’d love to share it with your audience!

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Professional Bio

The Short + Quirky Version:

Jaime Hanson is a content marketer and a recovering news producer—but at heart, she’s always been a storyteller. From making coffee runs in Shondaland to running red carpets for Entertainment Tonight, Jaime spent seven years living the Hollywood high life before a new baby and cross-country move had her living that yoga pants #momlife instead. (Goodbye stilettos. Hello sippy cups!)

These days, Jaime applies the formulas of Hollywood to  help brands create compelling content for their audiences. Her real passion, though? Helping Mamas find fulfilling flexible work solutions when life throws Career Plan A totally off track.

When she’s not working, Jaime spends her time stepping on Thomas trains, singing in church with her hunky husband, and pushing her spoiled pup off the couch.

The Serious Version:

Jaime Hanson is the founder and CEO of Jaime Hanson Communications, LLC. She is a content marketer and a recovering news producer—but at heart, she has always been a storyteller.  Whatever industry you're in, whatever jargon you speak, Jaime will find the heart behind your brand, the passion behind your customer's need, and tell the story that brings them together.  

Jaime earned a degree in theatre management from the University of Evansville in 2010.   She then spent the first part of her career in Los Angeles as a news producer, photo editor, and production assistant at Entertainment Tonight before transitioning to associate producer for The Insider.  It is her time as COO of Don't Panic Management where she honed her skills as an accomplished copywriter, editorial manager, and brand strategist.   

Jaime is a Texas-native currently living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with her husband Andrew, son Cooper and dog Wally. 

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